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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. an early morning shooting in san josi leaves one man dead and pushes the city's homicide rate to the same level of all of last year. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello, i'm allen holmes. >> the surge in violence has residents in san josi reeling. 40 people have now been killed so far in that city a city that typically ranks among the safety big cities in america.
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jade hernandez. >> reporter: health, jade hender the candlelight vigil vigil brought together at least 50 people tonight and they moustached while police face another year where the homicide rate will hit a record-high. >> i just didn't believe it. >> reporter: detectives told evelyn agulto that her son died after being shot in the apartment complex where they both live. >> how can you do that to someone and live with yourself. >> reporter: san josi police told us by phone that the shooting happened moments before 1:30 this morning, but investigators already have witnesses. police won't say much other than there is no quick fix to the number of homicides seen in this city over the last few years. last years hit 40.
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this past august police dealt with a violent crime spree lasting eleven days. eight people died. the deputyf department spokesman says with less than ten gang-related he is reluctant to tie it to gang activity. >> it's just devastating. >> reporter: but for neighbors in this complex, this is a story about their loss, and what one family will never get back. >> he wasn't a troublemaker. he was a good person. he was a good father. >> why did they have to get a gun and take someone's life? that is what i don't get. >> reporter: robert agulto leaves behind two young children, ages 3 and 1. police haven't made any arrests. reporting live in san josi, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. police in menlo park are investigating a drive-by shooting that sent four people to the hospital. the gunfire broke out near ivy
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drive and windermere avenue. investigators say the victims were all standing in front of a car when someone opened fire. investigators say a black honda and a black acura were spotted leaving the area. san francisco police say they have not made any arrests in the fatal shooting of a young man in the bayview district. officers say they responded to a shoot spotlighter on mendel street about a block from 3rd street and found a 20-year-old man with gunshot wounds to the torso. officers performed cpr, but the man was pronounced dead at scene. this is san francisco's 59th homicide of the year. a 30-year-old man is under arrest, suspected of killing another man and injuring ateen in sacramento county. deputies say the double shooting happened at an apartment in sacramento's arden neighborhood around 1:30 this morning. witnesses say just before the shooting the two victims were asking someone to leave that party. >> basically they had a friend
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over and the friend was getting rowdy, and they told him to take him outside to calm him down and he pulled out a gun. >> late this afternoon sacramento sheriff's deputies say reports led them to arrest 30-year-old on suspension of measure. >> the deadline is just two hours away. representatives from raley's grocery store and the employee's union is trying to avoid the first strike in the company's 77-year history. noelle walker. >> reporter: ken, it's really getting down to the wire. representatives from the employee's union and raley's representatives are meeting with a mediator at the westin hotel in downtown san francisco. if there is no contract agreement by midnight, the employees could strike the weiderholt stocked up on groceries. if they went on strike you won't shop here?
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>> not at all. we would go somewhere else. >> are the union and raley's are in contract talks tonight. united food and commercial workers spokesperson mike henneberry says without going into detail there is reason to be hopeful. >> it's a good sign that we're in there. >> reporter: there are three possible scenarios both sides reach a deal. they make progress and extend talks or there is no deal and workers at 24 raley's in the bay area join 104 other stores in northern california and nevada on the picket lines at midnight. we asked customers at the san pablo raley's if they would still shop here. >> i would still shop here because i like the store. >> they are the ones that have a reason for striking whether it's pay, benefits. >> reporter: as with most contract negotiation it's both. the union says grocery workers aren't alone. >> they are the fiber of the community. they are family.
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and they deserve to be respected, because we're all in this together, folks. >> reporter: that is why the weiderholts say they will go somewhere he is if their favorite store goes on strike. >> because the people here are great. every time we come in here, we come at least once a week, everybody says hello and appreciates us and we appreciate them definitely. >> reporter: now we talked to a raley's spokesperson who says the company had no comment, citing a media blackout. reporting live in downtown san francisco noelle walker ktvu channel 2 news. there were signs of movement in the national hockey league lockout. the players' association and lawyers met today. the players have been locked out for 49 days. all games have been canceled through the end of, nor. the two sides are ats over revenue sharing and contracts. >> reporter: nurses and other staff are on strike at two sonoma county
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hospitals of the walk-out began this weekend. engineers also walked off the job at that hospital and petaluma valley hospital. this video shows the nurses' last strike over a month ago. union workers are angry over proposed cuts to oncal and nightshift pay. hospital says it needs to reduce costs to pay for new technology and to get ready to implement the affordable care act in 2014. san mateo county sheriff's offices are looking for a man who went missing in redwood city. 67-year-old kenneth morrison was last seen at cordilleras mental health system. he is described as 5-foot 7" and wearing 220 pounds with gray hair and a beard. the parents of a sebastopol teenager who died in peru says an autopsy has not resolved their questions about his deathsed
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death. a the teen's father tells the press democrat an autopsy recently conducted in sonoma county was inconclusive. results from test downs in peru are still pending. new at 10 at a ceremony was held tote at petaluma city hall to rededicate a memorial to a slain 12-year-old girl. georgia lee moses was found stranged in petaluma back in 1997. a group of volunteers who never knew moses created a angel sculpture, that was previously located near the freeway where her body was found. but construction work prompted volunteers to relocate it to city hall. one of those volunteers, a petaluma firefighter spoke about what this memorial means to the community. >> it's a very touching that georgia moses is the moses motivation
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to keep it this going. >>all of these year later, georgia moses' killing remains unsolve. a morning fire could have been sparked by bbq coals. you can see a backhoe on a barge trying to knock down the flames. san rafael firefighters say it appears coals left on the deck sparked the fire. they also say the apartment had a smoke detector, but the battery had been removed. a somber service in the south bay for a long time firefighter who died while on duty. ktvu's matt keller was at that ceremony for the 47-year-old battalion chief who many considered a mentor. >> reporter: helicopters above let the firefighters below know the funeral procession for fighter ron van wormer had arrived at the hp pavilion in downtown san
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josi. the honor guard led the way, followed by santa clara engine 3. >> great guy with friends up and down the state. >> reporter: the emotional event moved indoors with an elaborate stage book ended by two fire trucks. many remembers the calfire battalion chief including his wife and two sons. >> most of all i will miss the stories of the fires, the investigation and all of firehouse trouble makers, everything. >> reporter: cal fire says van wormer died last saturday of natural causes while losing consciousness while assigned to investigation. they described van wormer has a mentto many firefighters. rob we will all see you again one day, but until then, we will always remember, we will
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never forget, and we will take care of each other and we will carry on. rest in peace, my friend. we all miss you more than words can say. >> reporter: the ron van wormer memorial scholarship fund was established for the explorer association. flags are flying at half-staff at calfire stations across the state today. matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. the presidential election is just three days away and both republicans and democrats are giving it one final push and what they say will make the difference. how a bullfight today in kenya is connected to tuesday's u.s.
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. with less than three days until election day both president obama and mitt romney crisscrossed the country in an all out sprint towards the finish line. >> we have almost forgotten what a real recovery looks like and what americans can achieve when we limit government instead of the limiting the dreams of our fellow americans and that is about to change. [ applause ] >> romney ended his day in colorado, but i started across the country in new hampshire and then appeared in iowa and
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ohio. polls show mitt romney and president obama running neck- and-neck. >> another $5 trillion tax cut that favors the wealthy, not changed. refusing to answer questions about details of your policies until after the election, that has definitely not changed. >> president had some star power, singer john mellencamp and kate walsh opened for him in iowa and singer katy perry appeared. there were long lines of voters in the critical swing state in ohio. president obama's re-election campaign had gone to court to chala plan by ohio to cut back on early voting. supreme court denied ohio's request, handing a victory to democrats who believe early voting he helps themment a study released by the lawyer's committee found that african- american voters were 26 times more likely to cast an early ballot than white voters. and in kenya, a bullfight
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was held today to determine who will win the u.s. presidential election. a 900-pound black bull named obama and a 1,000-pound white bull named romney as the crowd cheered them on. after an hour the crowd cheered that obama was the winner. not surprising after all kenyans consider obama with as one of their own. >> a pretty sure for votes has voters in the bay area work overtime. ktvu's john sasaki caught up with those manning phone lines calling out-of-state. >> i'm a voter. >> reporter: dozens of volunteers worked the phones at democratic headquarters in oakland. >> i have never seen it this packed. everyone is enthused. >> reporter: they were mostly calling voters in such swing states a ohio and iowa, trying to secure votes for president obama. >> i think i talked to like to 300. i swear i had a lot of good
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luck talking to people. >> contra costa county republican headquarters had a different feel with far fewer volunteers. most of the calls here went to voters in california, firing up support for mitt romney. >> do you feel pressure? >> oh, yes, two or three days. >> reporter: state g.o.p. chair tom del beccaro tommed by the headquarters. >> the electorate has changed. four years ago the enthusiasm was on the democrat's side and this year it's definitely on republican's side and that is going to carry states like ohio and iowa and colorado. >> reporter: us senator barbara boxer came to ktvu and told me that she believes that the votes will still fall for president obama. >> if you believe it or not polls the horse race is close nationwide, but the electoral college seems to favor the president, but again, we don't know until it's over. >> reporter: these voters are trying to get
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out of vote and that is one place where the republicans agree and say regardless of your political stripes everyone needs to cast their ballots in oakland, son sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up in 13 minutes the million muppet march, the seriously political message behind today's puppet rally. some legal scholars say california's food labeling proposition could encourage lawsuits. the initiative requires genetically modified foods to be label but some critics say it made lead to lawsuits. they say people could sue for an injunction to halt the sale of mislabeled goods without having to show that they were harmed or deceived. supporters say if companies follow the labeling rules there is no cause for litigation and that any class-action suit would be dismissed if the labels were filled. >> our coverage continues on-
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line. go to for the latest on tuesday's election. just look for the 2012 election tab on our home page. alameda county sheriff's departments is looking for witnesses after the arrest of a livermore art teacher accused of engaging in a lewd act as trick-or-treaters pass by. sheriff's deputies say this man carlos tellez was half naked and trying to get the attention of children. tellez is an art teacher at the life morvalley are preparatory. deputies told them he was trying to relax after a stressful day of teaching. >> a driver was arrested today in an accident that left an elderly man dead. police say a 78-year-old man was crossing clayton street at denkinger court at the crosswalk at 8:30 this morning. weighs hit by an suv driven by a 42-year-old concord man of he was arrested on suspension of vehicular manslaughter. police say he may have been
11:51 pm
blinded by the sun and condensation on his windshield. authorities have identified a body found at half-moon beach on thursday. the corner's office says the person was found dead thursday morning. a tourist had called police after he spot the man's bod from a nearby hotel room. >> no longer in the dark. a live picture from times square in new york city where the lights are back on the coming up the lengths some people are going to get fuel on east coast. the remarkable story behind just who is taking care of this rare lion cub born in china. ♪
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. our coverage continues of the aftermath of hurricane sandu. today power was restored in manhattan after nearly five days in the dark for millions. here is now a live look at times square a very different picture what we saw a few days ago when broadway basically came to a halt. a lot of people very concerned about what happened once this storm roared along the east coast. as you can see times square coming back to life after hurricane sandy. and today we got new satellite images that really tell the story of the devastation caused by that storm. new jersey barrier islands were battered. homes were swept away. entire neighborhoods, completely decimated. on staten island, the storm hurled boats onshore, wrecking the harbor and smashing nearly everything in its path. staten island is just one of the places where volunteers are joining forces to help. today crews began to clean up some of the mountains of debris left behind. is there is concern about how
11:55 pm
people without power and heat will handle plunging temperatures? and frustration is growing over basic transportation. antoineett biordi on the lengths some are going to get fuel. >> reporter: the line stretched down in huntington station. this usa gasstition got a delivery at 9:00 a.m. and people were already waiting in line. >> we saw the truck pulling in here and got the cans out because it's better than waiting in the car. >> reporter: temperatures had already started to flare. gas station owners put a restriction on how much you could pump. there was a $40 maximum here. >> i ran out of gas looking for gas. so i walked here. >> reporter: others like david bascom of center port says he doesn't want to deal with the lines at all. >> right flue i'm just waiting it out. i think in a few more days there will be fuel and things will ease up. >> reporter: there are others that are extremely patience like tommy from hunting topp. he is first in line when this
11:56 pm
mobile on route 10 opens. >> waiting for gas, three days now. >> reporter: you have been waiting here since wednesday? at this mobile gas station there are 10,000 gallons underground, fuel, but there is no power here. so they can't pump it out, but there are a line of cars waiting for this station to open. there is actually nobody inside some of the cars. they are just waiting in line, hoping to hold their spot. it seems like many people like janice grout had the same idea, park her car at the gas station at the village of huntington. >> you are holding your place in line? >> yes. at least i'm get gas. >> new york's governor tried to reassure people that tankers are back delivering fuel. >> fuel is on its way. you don't have to panic. we don't need the anxiety. we don't need the lines. we prudent, but fuel is on the way. >> officials say the biggest problem isn't a shortage of
11:57 pm
gas, but the fact that many stations have no power to pump the gas. the national guard set up five emergency mobile gas stations, handing out ten gallons of free fuel to drivers. more details as new york city tries to return to normal. today mayor bloomberg says most of the school districts will re- open monday. 57 schools with flooding or structural daniel will remain closed officials say they are trying to make sure that school bus routes are clear. ? new jersey governor christie took steps to make it easier for people to take part in tuesday's elections and ordered county clerks to open their offices this weekend for early voting. the governor says paper ballots will be provided to polling places without power. residents who are displace canned vote by e-mail or fax. in news of the world tonight in acapulco the mayor is asking the federal government for help to replace the 500 police officers who are
11:58 pm
slated to lose their jobs after they failed tests used to identify corrupt officers. those officers are expected to be let go in january. this week's mexico's interior secretary says 53,000 police failed those tests and should be dismissed. in nigeria, the government carried out midnight raids on those suspected mob members of boko haram. witness say troops entered homicided and grabbed young men and shot them. and in china, a rare white lion cub is being nursed by a dog. after the mother had trouble caring for her newborn. cub was born to two brown african lion as eight park. the keepers brought the cub to
11:59 pm
a nursing dog after the lioness failed to produce milk. cub is said to be doing well. a new york city nanny is charged with murder in the stabbing deaths of two children in her care. police say they were finally able to interview yoselyn ortega in her hospital room and charged with two counts each of first- and second-degree murder. their mother marina krim returned home to find the two children dead and the nanny with self-inflicted wounds of the ortega remains in the hospital under grand strand. >> monday the federal appeals kout in san francisco is poised to consider repealing arizona's ban of abortions after 20 weeks' of pregnancy. arizona is among ten states with abortion pans after 20 weeks, but arizona is the only state to calculate it from the woman's last menstrual period rather than the date of conception.
12:00 am
the case hinges on how far states can go on restrict abortions. more trouble for the patients recovering from mingyetis recovering from meningitis caused by contaminated steroid drugs. more than 400 people became ill with meningitis from the steroid made by the new england compounding center in massachusetts. 29 people died. the second illness has turned up at 110 of those cases. camping out in corte madera. and a remind you can get ktvu news to go on
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. what do we want? >> cookies is what they want. hundreds in washington, d.c. showed their support of pbs and children's programming during a million muppet march. humans joined puppets including big bird for the march. idea came after mitt romney's comment during a debate last month about defunding public broadcasting, leaving big bird and sesame street as one of the casualties. organizers say the march is meant to show support for the educational mission of pbs. >> starting tomorrow prices for barnes & noble nook and nook color will be reduced. that means thatwhile the nook
12:04 am
color will cost $139. the price reduction come as shipping begins for the company's latest tablet, the nook hd. photo filters are coming to twitter, according to reports. the new feature competes directly with facebook's instagram and will allow users to share altered images, bypassing instagram. the new update is expected to be valuable in next few months. >> a new twist on the tweet. this is british x-factor judge nicole scherzinger in a dress that tweets. we're told that the dress had more than 2,000 led lights and the tweets were displayed throughout the night in real- time. hundreds of people line up at a marin county shopping center for the chance to see a pop superstar. fans camped out to be among the
12:05 am
first in line to see kelly clarkson. "the american idol" star performed as part of the new opening of the microsoft store in the mall. >> i'm the most diehardil clarkson fan and i have tried for years and could never seem to get a ticket and this is something more attainable and so here i am. >> an estimated 2,000 people attended that concert this afternoon. >> it was a world series champ's sight at macy's today. coming up, you will hear from angel pagan after he made the day of s alright let's break it down.
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too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin . northern california crab season began today for recreational fishermen.
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yum, the department of fish and game is predicting an abundant crab supply. the season runs through june 30th, the season for commercial fishermen starts november 15th. so there might be a few extra people heading to the coast tomorrow, dropping those crab pots in the water. what is it going to be like. >> in you are near the immediate coastline, the waves will be building. mostly clear skis, a few high clouds moving into the northern parts of the state. a look at the current wind reports, winds not too much of a factor, except half moon bay. winds out the north at 6 miles per hour. it is on the light side, but it's a sign that we have more moving in like that. that is the warming direction. you will feel that warm wind as we head into your sunday. as far as temperatures from today, they ranged from lower
12:09 am
70s, coast side. warmest locations in the mid to upper 70s. out towards santa rosa, livermore and antioch. next week will feature a forecast with two extremes. pretty warm temperatures, possibly record-breaking temperatures and then a major dropoff beginning wednesday into thursday. overnight lows will be in the upper 40s to the 50s, partly cloudy skies. a few patches the fog to start the out your sunday morning. high pressure continues to build in the pacific and with that sinking air, that is warming air that already started that process today, but really kicks in for tomorrow that. coupled with the warm offshore winds will keep the fog away from the coastline. beaches back into the 70s. it's 79 to 82 degrees and we'll continue to warm things back up into monday. here is your forecast model.
12:10 am
not a lot of significant cloud cover to show you are tomorrow morning into sunday morning. maybe some patchy fog to start the day in the inland valleys. lots of sunshine. this yellow contour links up with the 70s. lots of 70s by 3:00 and the orange, a few low 70s, around 80-82. great day to check out a football game with the oakland raiders playing tampa bay. more sunshine and temperatures around 74 degrees at kickoff. forecast highs, everybody warms up tomorrow, fairfield around 80. oakland in the upper 70s. these temperatures around 3:00 for for your sunday afternoon. a beautiful beach day for tomorrow afternoon for pacifica and half moon bay and downtown san francisco, just spectacular temperatures approaching the mid-70s. here is a look ahead, your five-day forecast. into monday, that is when temperatures peak. we're going tock talking
12:11 am
about some record-breaking temperatures on monday. tuesday, election day looks great as well. maybe a little cooler. then the other extreme, the cooling pattern moves in wednesday and thursday and a major drop off in temperatures. and by thursday, see that rain cloud there? >> yeah. >> there is a possibility we could have a snow on the area peaks. two extremes in the forecast. >> so mount hamilton. >> and mount diablo. >> thank you, mark. >> it's that time tonal back. daylight savings time ends at 2:00 sunday morning and don't forget to set your clocks back an hour. fire officials recommend changes your batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors at the same time. today at macy's, fans lined up for a chance to meet
12:12 am
outfielder angel pagan. the world series champ signed some autographs today. in fact, it he did it for the first 250 fans who bought officially licensed merchandise at the store this morning. a macy spokesperson says that fans began to line up this morning and hundreds more were on-hand to watch the pagan says he can't believe the outpouring of support from fans in the bay area. >> i'm still living the dream. after the parade, the fans are so good tonight players. it's awesome. it's a dream come true. >> event was arraigned after the genets clinched the world series championship yesterday after they swept the detroit tigers in four games. fans chased 30 commemorative world series louisville sluggers hidden over the bay area.
12:13 am
the winners posted pictures after finding the prizes. black and orange bat. yes. we have an injury update on one of the warrior's star players. a [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. . good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. golden state played the clip years, but center andru bogut was scratched as an attempt to protect him from his surgically- repaired ankle. that means this they would go to curry. curry with the 3 here in the
12:16 am
1st quarter. not a lot of 3's made tonight, but it's curry in the 2nd. at one point warriors led by 14 in first half. but the clippers have blake griffin, who is a equalizer. now let's go to the 4th quarter. landry plays off lamar adom for the basketball. it's now a 10-point lead for golden state. after a warrior turnover, crawford in the corner for 3. that ties the game at 105 with less than go minutes in the game. once again it's crury with the jumper. 109-107. curry with 23 points tonight, just like landry, but warriors need the stop.
12:17 am
are you kidding m ? the referees had the courage to make a call against the home team and the warriors win. they are 2-0 on the road. it's a big win without their big man. golden state's biggest fear was realized when it was determined brandon rush will miss the rest of season. her to his acl in his left knee in the 1st quarter of their home season-opener. he was pushed by memphis grizzly randolph. while the torn acl wasn't confirmed until today, you can tell he knew it was serious. today at colorado, the red
12:18 am
shirfreshman showed flashes of the andrew luck era. 76 yards of offense. reynolds takes it back 52 yards to start the scoring free. kevin hogan didn't start today, but stanford scored on the first six possessions that he commanded. stephfon taylor for the first of his two touchdowns. then the cardinals mixed in a little splash-and-dash. taylor gives it to jamal-rashad patterson on the reverse. jrp for 42 yards, but he is called out-of-bound at the 2- yard line. it shows that peterson may have blown in for 6. then kevin hogan throwing his first college touchdown.
12:19 am
stanford led 35-0 at halftime. hogan completes 184 yards and two touchdowns. it's a 19-yarder. head coach of stanford says he is not sure if he is ever going to start him, but stanford wins 48-0. 4-zip, 48-bupkis. stanford holds buffalo its first shutout at home since 1986. that is 150 home-games, folks. cardinals are 7-2 and host oregon state and head coach david shaw hinted that kevin hogan could start ahead of josh nunes. cal bears lost last night and that mean theorize no longer bowl-eligible and to make matters worsed maynard's status is yet to be determined. it might be determined by tomorrow, but considering cal is 3-7. no matter what the mri reveals it may be a good time
12:20 am
to look at either quarterbacks. today against usc the ducks scored more points than any team that the trojans have after a llowed of the last time too beat oregon was usc last year, but today at the l.a. coliseum, kenyon barner rush for a school record 321 yards. canyon the first player ever to run for five touchdowns against southern california. barner's first td, 23-3 game. matt barkley tried to play keep you up. barkley heaved five touchdown passes including the hookup with marquis lee. but the trojans got won within 3 and no more. quarterback m8triko throwing three mariota throwing three touchdowns for the ducks. they win and they are 9-0. lsu fans wanted to is see
12:21 am
their tigers upset the defending national champions, no. 1-ranked alabama in baton rouge. 4th quarter, quarterback mettenberger finds his play are. mccarron to the freshman, yeldon. look at yeldon go for the game- winning touchdown. kansas state with a much easier game against the visiting oklahoma state cowboys. tyler lockett returns the kickoff 100 yards. k state is third in the ap poll, but second in the bcs standings. today they wouldn't 9-0 with the victory over oklahoma state. fourth-ranked notre dame off to its best start since 1993. tonight pittsburgh blew a great
12:22 am
chance to upset them. notre dame's woods fumbles and panthers recover. all pittsburgh has do is kick a field goal and get out of south bend with the upset. a bad snap and he misses it. 29-26, irish are 9-0, just like bama. k state, oregon and 10th ranked louisville. san josi state traveled to moscow, idaho. two touchdown passes to grigsby. fales next touchdown is a 35-yarder to chandler jones. spartans take the lead still in the 3rd. spartans become bowl-eligible for the first time since '06 and locks in the same winning season. >> bene benwikere returns this
12:23 am
one. oregon state looked to rebound from their first loss of season last week, but beavers trailed the visiting arizona state sun devils. when davis cal grad ward not offered a scholarship because he was too small. how do you like him now? 125 yards rushing and the game is not over. osu tied it. 17-yard touchdown and still 4th quarter. but the beavers are leading 36-19. coming up, we'll hear from quarterback carson palme
12:24 am
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12:26 am
. raiders have a chance to
12:27 am
get back to .500n when they host tampa bay. each team is 3-4. josh freeman is playing well, but raider's quarterback's carson palmer is getting more and more comfortable with all of his receivers. he has throwntor 200 more yards for a club record 13 consecutive games, and he shown more mobility and stability under fire. this is palmer's 10th nfl season. he is still learning when you have to hold 'em and when you have to fold'em. >> there is not a real need to force things and to fight coverages and try to make big plays. one of the things i have done for a long time is really study how to win football games. when the defendant is playing well you want to keep them off the feel and keep them fresh, but not do silly things to get
12:28 am
them off the bench and put them in vulnerable situations. >> if you hear his quotes and when he suffers a loss he puts it on himself he is a true leader. >> and you can see this nfc- affect match-up on ktvu at 11:00 and stay with us for the "point after" show featuring raymond chester and mark ibañez and i will be back at the coliseum. he did the crime and he is still doing the time, but it looks like bartolo colon is coming back to oakland. the oakland as he and pitcher bartolo colon have agreed to a one-year, $3 million contract. he started with the r's before he was supposed 50 games for testing positive for testosterone. colon's season ended in late august, but finished with a 3.4
12:29 am
e.r.a.. and the yankees got in guzz, future hall-of-famer pitcher mariano told the yankees he wants to attempt a comeback. he turns 43 later in month. her to his acl in may and he was out for year. rivera has a major league leading record in save. game on dude was the favorite in today's breeders' cup in arcadia, california. but it came down to two horses, fort larned, who led from start to finish in the mile and a quarter classic. it was a great way for jockey 27-year-old brian hernandez to celebrate his birthday. warriors beat the l.a. clippers in la. >> thank you, fred. that is ou

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